Monday, 16 January 2017

Economic reports 15-30 January 2017

Better Budgets Making tax policy better- Chartered Institution of Taxation, IFS

Resolution Foundation
Live long and prosper? Demographic trends and theirimplications for living standards

Public Sector Pay Restraint in England TUC.

RICS residential housing market research December 2016

Rural Shop report 2017 - Association of Convenience shops

Stop Depending on the Kindness of Strangers Low interest rates and the Global Economy Centre Policy Studies

Energising the North - Northern Gas network report on energy

You’re hired!Lessons for President Trump from a comparison of living standards and inequality in the US and the UK Resolution Foundation

You’re hired!
Lessons for President Trump from a comparison of

living standards and inequality in the US and the UK

Social policy reports 15-30 January 2017

Lessons from Germany Tenant power in the rental market- IPPR

State of Rural Services 2016- Rural England.

disabled children families not supported on childcare.Family and Childcare trust

Faulty by design.The state of public-service commissioning Reform 

These are our children: a review by Dame Christine Lenehan, Director, Council for Disabled Children

Government reports 15-30 January 2017

Culture, Media and Sport select committee Accessibility of Sports Stadia 

Investigation into HMRC’s contract with Concentrix National Audit Office.

All Parliamentary Group on Social Mobility.

Nottinghill Carnival -safer and better London Assembly

Committees on Arms Export Controls: unauthorised disclosures of draft Report on Use of UK-manufactured arms in Yemen Foreign Affairs Committee

 Housing in England: overview National Audit Office

Carbon capture and storage: the second competition for government support National Audit Office

Building our industrial strategy

Upgrading emergency service communications Public Accounts Committee
NHS Ambulance Services National Audit Office Report
Collecting tax from high net worth individuals Public Accounts Committee

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Health reports 2-9th January 2017

Kings Fund report- Priorities for the NHS and social care in 2017

Letter from Select committee to Theresa May social Care funding and NHS

Brexit reports 2-9th January 2017

BIG: British Irish Gateway for Trade’ launched to connect British and Irish businesses launched by British Irish Chamber of Commerce website will be at

Leave the EU’s single market and customs union to boost UK by £450 million a week Change Britain
Trading opportunities outside the customs union could create 400,000 new UK jobs Change Britain

See a different opinion in Adam Smith Blog post - Why Change Britain's numbers are rubbish
Open Britain called them fantasy figures.
Tim Farron Lib Dems called them fiction.

Turning on the Light:Assessing the Impact of Brexit using Electricity Demand as a Proxy Tom Kirchmaier and Nerea Ruiz De Gauna de Santiago London School of Economics

The Future of the Natural Environment after the EU Referendum Environmental Audit Committee. 

Agricultural subsidies in the UK after Brexit A progressive solution
A report written by the New Economics Foundation
and commissioned by Global Justice Now

Why a ‘soft Brexit’ is in the interest of both London and Brussels Conversation blog

Brexit, Agriculture and Agricultural policy- Centre for policy Studies

Politics reports 2-9th January 2017

Fabian Society- How Labour is too weak to win, and too strong to die

Economics reports 2-9th January 2017

Home Builders federation- Housing pipeline report Q3 of 2016 covers house building

The price of power : energising small business in the next UK carbon plan. Federation of Small Businesses

Inheritances and Inequality across and within Generations IFS Report 

British Chambers of Commerce Quarterly economic survey

Labour Party Industrial Strategy Consultation

 CFA UK Executive remuneration report 2016 examines if chief executive pay is aligned with the economic value created by the companies they manage. It focused upon FTSE 350 companies in the period 2003-2014/15