Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Health reports September 2014

Commonwealth Fund
A vision for using digital health technologies to empower consumers and transform the U.S. health care system

Royal College of Psychiatrists
 Making parity a reality: six asks for the next government to improve the nation's mental health

The Royal College of Physicians’  five-point plan for the next government

 The Costs of Specialised Care Centre for Health Economics York.

Dementia Uk 2nd edition-  Alzheimer's Society major study on the social and economic impact of dementia in the UK.

Annual report of the Chief Medical Officer.

2015 Challenge manifesto - NHS Confederation.

Transforming Mental Health - a Plan for London - Kings Fund.

Incisive Health
The state of health
This briefing outlines the results of a poll on public attitudes towards the NHS, in the run up towards the general election in 2015. It sets out the state of health and the questions that politicians will need to answer between now and May.

Economics reports 22-28th September 2014

NFB manifesto 2015: smarter building for Britain National Federation of Builders.

Tax gap tax evasion in 2014 report by Public and Commercial Services Union.

Public land, public good: getting maximum value from public land and property Localis.

Low Pay and the Cost of Living: A Supply-Side Approach IEA report

Unite has published a report on the benefits of a minimum wage increase

Social policy reports 8-22nd September 2014

Decentralisation decade: A plan for economic prosperity, public service transformation and democratic renewal in England IPPR

Gaps in the housing safety net Shelter

The role of local government in a modern state Centre for Labour and Social Studies.

How to achieve more  effective services: the evidence ecosystem What Works Network.

 A UK without Poverty Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

In the public interest: the role of the modern state- CLASS

Environment reports 8-122nd September 2014

Europe’s power: Re-energising a progressive climate and energy agenda IPPR

Development Studies reports september 2014

Traidcraft launch time for justice campaign that British companies operating in developing countries be held to account in the UK for any harm they cause to workers or local communities in those countries

A Fairer Deal for Syrians
International commitments needed to arrest the deepening crisis in Syria and the region Oxfam report.

Economics reports 8-21st september 2014

People and Prosperity: The business visionfor a better Britain CBI

Business Manifesto – ‘A Business Plan for Britain’.British Chambers of Commerce

Charity Street: The value of charity to British households IPPR reports.

Real devolution the power to borrow NIESR 

Broken Market, Broken Dreams: Home Truths 2014/15 National Housing Federation - report on housing costs

The £13.8 Billion Hole in the Scottish Budget Centre for Policy Studies

Fifty Economic Fallacies Exposed: Second Edition Institute of Economic Affairs.

Smoking out red herrings: The cost of living debateA paper about the misguided policies put forward to address the high cost of living Institute of Economic Affairs.

UK Music has published its annual economic study, Measuring Music, which shows the contribution UK music made to the British economy in 2013.

Unequal opportunity:How are jobs changing in cities? Centre for Cities

Government reports 8-22nd September 2014

Business, Innovation and Skills Committee - Fifth Report 
Adult Literacy and Numeracy

Update on the National Cyber Security Programme National Audit Office

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Health reports 1-8th September 2014

The cost of smoking to the social care system in England- ASH

Social policy reports 1-8th September 2014

The Commission on Residential Care- Demos report.

Reducing poverty in the UK a series of evidence reviews: Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

Tackling poverty across all ethnicities in the UK Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Commission on the Future of Health and Social Care in England
A new settlement for health and social care

Think Local Act Personal
Getting serious about personalisation in the NHS

Person centred care 2020: calls and contributions from health and social care charities National Voices

Economics reports 1-8th September 2014

Volunteering to learn: employee development through community action CIPD report

The World Economic Forum has published its global competitiveness report for 2014-15

The future of local enterprise partnerships the small business perspectives: Federation of Small Businesses and Centre for Local Economic Strategies.

The Economic Impact of the Work Programme - Europe Economics.The Work Programme is a payment by results scheme introduced by the Government in 2011 to support
jobseekers who have been out of work for a prolonged period,

Income inequality: nearly 40 per cent of total income goes to people belonging to highest (fifth) quintile - Issue number 12/2014 Eurostat article.