Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Economics reports 26-30th January 2015

 Earnings since the recession - IFS analysis

Neilsen Global Consumer confidence index.

Northern Rail - Stepping Stones to a rebalanced Britain Campaign for Better Transport report on imbalance in Rail networks in UK

RAC economic analysis of pothole claims. 

State of Nature Capital - Nature Capital Committee
evidence on recent trends and drivers affecting the state of natural capital in England and proposed
a number of options to measure and value changes in natural capital as an important first step towards better management.

Promoting contribution: Boosting employment opportunity for all IPPR report - This paper focusses on improving support job market for people with health conditions and disabilities and those facing long-term unemployment, who face considerable disadvantages

Nationwide House Price Index January.

A Manifesto  for Jobs and Growth Making London the best city in the world in which to do business- London First manifesto for election 2015.

The Mobile Revolution: How Mobile Technologies Drive a Trillion-Dollar Impact Boston Consulting

Wine and Spirit Association General Election Manifesto.

Politics reports 26-30th January 2015

Voice and Veto - Answering the West Lothian Question Centre for Policy Studies Report

Government reports 26-30th January 2015

Environmental Audit - Eighth Report Environmental risks of fracking

International Development Committee - Ninth Report Parliamentary Strengthening

Conflicts of Interest National Audit Office report.

Public Accounts Committee - Thirty-Fourth Report Financial sustainability of local authorities 2014

UK Guarantees scheme for infrastructure National Audit Office.

House of Commons Committee of Public Accounts Oversight of the  Private Infrastructure Development Group

Public Accounts Committee - Thirty-Second Report School oversight and intervention 

Health Reports 26-30th January 2015

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Health reports Economics reports 19-25th January 2015

Social policy reports 19-25th January 2015

Delayed until further notice the barriers individuals face when seeking to move from supported accommodation - YMCA

Finding their feet Equipping care leavers to reach their potential Centre for Social Justice

'Progress matters in Primary too', Centreforum - primary school accountability

Age UK’s ‘score card’ – The devastating truth of the social care crisis

Show Some Warmth Children's Society report on families in fuel poverty.

Suicide in prison- Howard League for Penal Reform data

Government reports 19-25th January 2015

Public Accounts Committee - Twenty-Ninth Report Managing and removing foreign national offenders

Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee - Fifth Report Dairy Prices 

MS14/2.3: Cash savings market study report: Part I: Final findings Part II: Proposed remedies Financial Conduct Authority

Health - Fourth Report Complaints and Raising Concerns

Foreign Affairs - Eighth Report UK Government policy on the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

The Home Office’s oversight of forensic services National Audit Office