Monday, 15 December 2014

Economics reports 15-21 December 2014

FSB Small businesses report 

British Chambers of Commerce.- Business EU Barometer

London RMB business volumes January-June 2014, City of London Research. latest data on the development of the London renminbi (RMB) market 

Megatrends: are UK organisations getting better at managing their people? CIPD

What Price Localism? A case study: the Local Government Pension Scheme, published by the Centre for Policy Studies

The Economic Benefits from Air Transport in the UK- Oxford Economics.

The Political Economy of Infrastructure in the UK Institute for Government

Government reports 15-21 December 2014

An Independent Review for the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills: IPOs and bookbuilding in future HM government primary share disposals

Environmental Audit Committee - Seventh Report
Connected world: Agreeing ambitious Sustainable Development Goals in 2015

House of Commons Energy and Climate Change Committee Small nuclear power

House of Commons Governance Committee - First Report Report - House of Commons Governance

Public Accounts Committee - Twenty-Fourth Report Procuring new trains

Public Health England’s grant to local authorities Public Audit Office.

Surveillance Camera Commissioner: annual report 2013 to 2014

Biometrics Commissioner: annual report 2013-2014

The diversity of the Met's frontline - London Assembly Report.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Health reports 8-12th December 2014

The King's Fund
Leadership vacancies in the NHS: what can be done about them?

The Patients Association inquiry
The All Party Parliamentary Group for Patient and Public Involvement in Health and Social Care (for which the Patients Association provides the secretariat), conducted a series of evidence sessions in 2014 which has assessed the issues and concerns surrounding the programme. This report looks at: the lack of publicity, clarity and patient involvement in the programme;

RAND Corporation
Estimating the economic costs of antimicrobial resistance: model and results

NHS Alliance
Pharmacists and general practice: a practical and timely part of solving the primary care workload and workforce crisis

Monday, 8 December 2014

Economics reports 8-12th December 2014

BDO monthly trends
Visa Europe UK expenditure report

NIESR GDP estimate. 

Commit to Infrastructure: Realising the UK's full potential Institute of Civil Engineers

When rebalancing goes bad: Why the chancellor’s deficit reduction plan threatens the economic recovery IPPR

Social policy reports 8-12th December 2014

Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland
The report of the All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry
into Hunger in the United Kingdom

Government reports 8-12th December 2014

Action on air quality Environmental Audit Committee

Examining new options and opportunities for providers of NHS care: the Dalton review 

Public Accounts Committee - Twenty-Third Report Transforming contract management 

Energy prices and bills – impacts of meeting carbon budgets 2014- Committee on Climate Change

British Chambers of Commerce economic forecast

 Auditing the Accounts 2013/14: Local Government Bodies- Audit Commission.