Monday, 23 March 2015

Social policy reports 23-27th March 2015

The Coalition Years: criminal justice in the United Kingdom 2010-2015 Centre for Crime and Justice Studies.

Benefit sanctions and homelessness a Crisis report

Monitoring poverty and social exclusion in Scotland Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

Government reports 23-27th March 2015

Independent Investigation Final Report
IPCC Reference:  2011/013399
The fatal police shooting of Mr Mark
Duggan on 4 August 2011

International Development - Twelfth Report Jobs and Livelihoods

Constitution Committee - Eleventh Report Inter-governmental relations in the United Kingdom
Public Accounts - Fifty-First Report Care services for people with learning disabilities and challenging behaviour

Public Accounts - Fiftieth Report Improving tax collection

Home Affairs - Nineteenth Report Counter-terrorism: foreign fighters

A joint inspection of the treatment of offenders with learning disabilities within the criminal justice system - phase two in custody and the community

Public Accounts - Forty-Ninth Report The effective management of tax reliefs

Home Affairs - Eighteenth Report The work of the Immigration Directorates: Calais

Public Administration - Fifth Report Lessons for Civil Service impartiality from the Scottish independence referendum

Business, Innovation and Skills and Scottish Affairs - First Joint Report Impact of the closure of City Link on Employment 

Health - Sixth Report Impact of physical activity and diet on health
Manifesto for Design - All Party Parliamentary Design and Innovation Group. 

Defence - Tenth Report Re-thinking defence to meet new threats

Justice - Twelfth Report Criminal Cases Review Commission
Culture, Media and Sport - Fifth Report Society Lotteries

Lords Economic Affairs Committee - First Report The Economics of High Speed 2

Public Accounts - Forty-Eighth Report Strategic Flood Risk Management
Human Rights Joint Committee - Eighth Report The UK's compliance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

Foreign Affairs - Twelfth Report British foreign policy and the 'Arab Spring': follow-up

International Development - Twelfth Report Jobs and Livelihoods

Defence - Twelfth Report Towards the next Strategic Defence and Security Review: Part Three
Business, Innovation and Skills - Eleventh Report Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership
 Environment, Food and Rural Affairs - Ninth Report Work of the Committee: 2010-15

Constitution Committee - Tenth Report Proposals for the devolution of further powers to Scotland

 European Union Committee - Ninth Report The UK's opt-in Protocol: implications of the Government's approach